Well it’s 3:30 on a Sunday afternoon and I’ve already eaten a meal! What a splurge today has been.  I’m only joking. In all seriousness, for the majority of the past week I have not eaten until after my workout, which is normally around 3:30 or 4pm.
That normally equates to an almost 22 hour fasting time period consisting of nothing but water. And a whole lot of time for my Pituitary Gland to wring out some Human Growth Hormone and tell my body to stoke Anabolism all up in this joint-or up in this Joe, in this particular case.

Who cares about HGH-Human Growth Hormone?!? Isn’t that what Barry Bonds took to hit all those homers?!?

Well synthetic HGH and the stuff your body naturally produces are similar but no needles needed and some Dr. Kevorkian look-a-like isn’t handing you a black brief case on the 2:30 Light Rail.

HGH is responsible for creating an anabolic environment in your body. That is when your body grows and repairs damaged cells. It tells your body to burn the fat, grow the lean muscle. I’d say those functions are pretty important. The hormone HGH is responsible for a whole host of things but I don’t have 3 weeks.  The catch though, is insulin which is present anytime you digest something, and HGH are in direct opposition.

HGH-Burn the fat. Insulin-Store the fat. 

These two conditions do not exist simultaneously. So my recent approach to Intermittent fasting is to get my normal amount of calories, just in a shorter time frame. This allows for more time where my body is in HGH secreting “growth and repair mode”,  and less time in Insulin saturated “store the fat mode”

Many of you may wonder how I am not dead or on the verge of a collapse liken to the Greek financial system.

The fact of the matter is this (or something similar), is how our bodies are designed to operate.

We modern day eaters have lost our metabolic flexibility and the ability to comfortable transition from carb supplied energy and stored fat supplied energy.  With one to two weeks time most people free of a some metabolic disorder, can become accustomed to and thrive on a fasted state, followed by a feeding state rather easily.  Our ancestors did not get 6 square meals a day routinely. Our ancient ancestors did not have a giant surplus of foods they had hunted and gathered just sitting around in ziploc baggies and tupperware dishes. Their bodies utilized carbohydrates and immediate energy sources when present, and stored fat throughout the remainder of their days.

This eating approach just makes sense to me. In a weird sort of unexplained way, my body seems to send me signals that confirm my belief that not only is IF good for my physique, but it’s health and hormonal implications far outweigh the cosmetic facets.


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