A Health Minded Approach to a Better Body. O, and Being Ripped too!

This blog will serve as a basic diary of my new found passion in Intermittent Fasting, or IF. 

A VERY quick explanation of IF is basically the prolonging of the “fast” that we partake in nightly when we do not eat and are obviously sleeping.  This is accomplished by skipping breakfast or merely pushing it back. Stopping eating sooner before bed is also a strategy for this longer time of rest for our digestive systems. 

A few personal and scientifically condoned benfits include:

  1. More stored FAT BURNED FOR ENERGY (Instead of carbs/sugars)
  2. More FOCUS and attentive mindset throughout the day.
  4. A LESSENING OF HUNGER. YES, from fasting! Who knew?

These bi-products of IF are all interrelated and the discovery of this eating style has made me realize how advanced our metabolisms are. Also, how a holistic approach to body re-composition is the best. For me and many others anyway.

Some things I’m going to include for myself and hopefully other’s benefit will be:

  • When I’m eating (My eating window times)
  • What I’m eating.
  • How I’m training. (weight training and cardio)
  • My changing perspectives on fat loss. (I had never been in single digit BF% until IF although I have tried extensivly)
  • My suggestions for anyone trying to regain their metabolic flexibility which I describe as the ability to transition back and forth from burning fat and carbohydrates as energy.
A personal introduction to my progress so far: 
  • 4 months of consistent weight training and cardio twice a week. 
  • The last two months I practiced IF. I did not go every single day in the beginning reaching my goal of a 16hr fast each day but my body slowly adapted. I did not fret about these days. Improvement each day was the goal.
  • Strength has progressively increased during this 6 month period. IF has not affected my strength gains adversely in the slightest.
Feb 24th, 2012 *I had actually been working out for two and a half weeks prior to this photo.
186lbs @ Body Fat 15.8% (as tested by Bod Pod)

May 16th, 2012
183lbs @ Body Fat 13.8% (as tested by Bod Pod)
 The lighting here really played a role in how this photo came out. I still was very soft. Lower abs were holding fat and love handles/lower back fat wouldn’t budge.

July 28th, 2012

172lbs @ Body Fat 10.2% 

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