Becoming a "Fat Burning Furnace"


The past two days have consisted of a 6pm-5:30pm fast on Monday, and a 5:30pm-6:00 fast today.  I have never felt better and more proud of the point I’ve gotten to.  It may seem weird that I would celebrate how long I’ve gone without food in a day.  Well, it is odd. But, prior to undertaking this new perspective as I have said, I was eating 6 meals a day and honestly felt like I was hypoglycemic. I would get nauseated, weak and shaky in just three hours time from not having food in my system. I would try my damnedest to eat small portions in hopes to stay somewhat trim (or what I thought was trim), and lose fat. It worked to a degree but I was never satiated! I was always miserably hungry and had little to no energy. I didn’t really even realize how cruddy I felt until I stopped eating all day everyday.  It was a helpless feeling like I was always letting my goals go to the wayside because

  I wanted a burger for lunch instead of Peter Cottontail’s vegan special.

I decided to make a change.-Ever heard that before? That statement has been on every single fitness infomercial in history I presume. Undoubtedly, that’s what it takes though. Not wishing and wanting to make a change. Not hoping tomorrow your day and mood and family and job facilitate your new found invigoration to make a change. You’ve got to just make up your mind and tell yourself, no convince yourself, that no matter what, you’re going to do whatever it takes to update your present situation.

This approach or mindset seems pretty intense but at the initial moment of changing any kind of habit, this is what works for me.   Inevitably, days go by and this “kill or be killed” mindset is not longer needed. So my fasts got longer each day until I honestly could go a couple of days without eating. O did I forget to mention the fat began melting like the polar ice caps.

  • 5:45a- cup of joe
  • Tons of water throughout the day.
  • 3:45p- Heading to the gym right after work because I know a meal follows in it’s footsteps!

I began my workout with a 10 minute warm-up walk on the treadmill. This was followed by one beast of a legs workout that was as follows.

All exercised performed for 3 sets of 10 repetitions. Heavy as I could go with great form.
      Leg Press Machine
      Leg extension machine
      Romanian Deadlift
      Lying Hamstring Curls
      Standing Calf Press Machine

  • 5:00 pm- My entire workout took maybe 45-60 minutes. In my opinion this is the optimal range when training HIGH INTENSITY.   

Post-workout I had a whey protein shake.

At this point it has been roughly 22 hours since my last meal. Carbohydrate (glycogen) stores might have lasted the first 12 hours. So what is fueling my body!? Stored fat. Some may ask why my body is not breaking down amino acids from muscle fibers for energy. This is commonly referred to as “going catabolic” in gym rat bro science lingo. Once again I must admit this was one of faulty pre-IF beliefs.

Well, our bodies respond to the metabolic stresses we inflict on them. If a person is routinely inflicting muscle damage due to weight training, what adaptive or evolutionary sense does it make to use hard earned muscle as fuel.? Our beautifully designed bodies have built in back up power generators conveniently located around you butt, thighs, gut, and love handles?

  • 6:00pm- after a shower and a few things around the home front it is time for dinner.
  1. Banana
  2. 3 chicken breasts with diced tomatoes
  3. A giant salad with cucumbers, green pepper, garbanzo beans, lettuce, black olives and whatever else veggies I could find. Topped with fat-free thousand island dressing.
  4. One medium size sweet potato
  5. Orange
  6. A bowl of Kashi golean crunch 

Some people cannot eat all of this at one sitting, but I sure can. If people can’t eat like this, simply space out a few smaller meals.

This meal left me filling very full and eager to undergo the next days fat burning session.  With each days waking, the results are obvious and inspire and reassure you that what you’re doing is a physiologically superior way to eat.


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