Step 4 of 5 Steps to a More Fit You.

Embrace Self Experimention be your own scientist, trainer, nuritionist, etc
There are some pretty basic truths about health and fitness that are universal to all bodies. We all need certain enzymes to facilitate bodily functions. Calories are the suppliers of energy. Our bodies manufacture certain vitamins, and others are required through diet. However, the way our individual bodies utilize foods or combat stress are as unique as the fingerprints that keep us from walking into our local jewel store for some gas money.

I have discovered many interesting things about how I gain muscle, lose fat, and feel generally healthier simply by being curious! I think that the realization that with time, you too can figure out your “keys to success,” is the most important component in getting motivated and staying that way.

There are three principal means of acquiring knowledge… observation of nature, reflection, and experimentation. Observation collects facts; reflection combines them; experimentation verifies the result of that combination. – Denis Diderot

I suggest getting a scale and weighing yourself every single morning. If muscle gain is your goal, monitor that the scale is doing what you want. If fat loss is goal, monitor that the scale is going down at a safe rate. Try eating styles that are high protein/low carb/high fat. Try diets that are moderate protein/ moderate carb/low fat. These are all protocols that I tried and discovered that when I eat high protein/low carb/high fat, I drop fat like it’s going out of style. When I want to gain a little weight and put on some muscle, moderate-high protein,moderate carbs/low fat is the route that works for me. These values are based on my individual metabolism and goals. What works for me, may be near toxic for you or vice versa.

Experimentation relates to workouts as well. I personally enjoy having a lean muscular physique. I have tried weightlifting repetition ranges of 3-6, 8-12, and 20. I have got good results on certain workout routines that others haven’t. Everyone’s body reacts differently.

So, by taking a good 8-10 weeks to dissect what approach is creating what results, you too can figure out your own body. There is something quite liberating about knowing exactly how to cut fat, or increase size and strength; because you’ve done it before. Now, all that is left is actually doing it.


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