Food Becomes Us

altemark / Foter / CC BY
What do you want?

Do you want to lose 20 lbs of fat?
Do you want to have more energy?
Do you want to have to turn sideways to get through a door frame?
Mybe you’d like to deadlift 550 lbs?

The first step for accomplishing all of the goals listed above is accessing your DIET. What goes into your body is literally assimilated into the very tissues that make up all of our bodies.  We all know these things.

 When I took a look at the very path that foods take once entering the body, I discovered my motivation for seeing food as a kind of MEDICINE, increased dramatically.

It’s odd, really. We get hungry so we look for something to eat. Foods are just plants, or animals.  We eat these foods raw, or cooked, and put them into our bodies. These things which we once held in our hands, saw growing out of the ground, or realize were once living breathing organisms, are broken down, and become our bone, skeletal muscle, brain tissues, fat cells, and the very energy with which our bodies operate.

 I use this dramatic style of describing eating for no other reason than to hopefully motivate anyone reading this, and myself, to really think about what foods we want to BECOME PART OF US. Additionally, what the foods we eat, and their quantities, will do for the attainment of our fitness goal.

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