My2Cents: Brainwash Yourself

“Optimism can be relearnt.”-Marian Keyes

Reality is pretty subjective. One person may view an obstacle as an opportunity to succeed, learn about themselves, or advance their knowledge. That same person may see this same thing as bad luck, a roadblock, or another personal failure. The only difference is one perspective sees themselves as a static figure. A person that is what they are, and what they’ve always been.

I’ve always called myself “prepared,” but in reality I was a negative thinker; a pessimist. I knew that being an optimist was the goal, but I just imagined that was who I was. How do I change how I talk to myself? Also, how I feel about the present moment or situation.

By doing just that. Literally, talk to yourself how you want that inner voice to talk automatically. No matter if it at first seems corny, or disingenuous, or forced. The fact is, that we can alter our subconscious minds by constantly “brain washing” ourselves into thinking were positive, optimistic thinkers!  Repeat what you wish you were thinking. Force it. Repeat the thoughts that the most supportive friend/spouse/family would say at that time. After implementing this very basic strategy I’m often blind sided by facing a situation with a completely peaceful, hopeful feeling. I know a year or two ago I would have responded with pity and/or self loathing or excuses of bad luck and lack of opportunity. It is not impossible and actually doesn’t take as long as you might imagine!




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