Deadlift: King of lifts?

The deadlift is one of the greatest muscle building exercises for size, strength, and coordination. The lack of required equipment make it ideal in the gym, at home, or anywhere you can find something to pick up!

Whether you’re 85 years old or a professional athlete, this lift needs to be in your routine. It is a whole body lift that gets plenty of bang for the buck.

The lift is by definition, pretty simple: grab something heavy and stand up with it. It is quite a technical lift though, so I suggest watching a few videos by credible lifters on youtube, or by asking a personal trainer or well-versed friend before putting much weight on the bar. One great instructional video is by Stronglifts:



This is the second to last set on my “heavy” deadlift day. 3 reps @ 385lbs. I currently weigh 164 lbs. Disregard all the pre-lift belt fixing, hand readjustment shenanigans, if you can.

Note: I did this workout after 16 hours of fasting (8pm last night to 1pm today). No carbs needed.


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