What the heck is intermittent fasting!?

The eating style that changed my life. What could it do for you?

The Fit Life

Conklin Fasting - NewYorkTimes

That’s not all folks.

“What the heck is intermittent fasting?”
“Why should I care about it?”

Welcome to the one of the most interesting and opinionated discussions in fitness today.  Intermittent fasting, if you haven’t heard the term yet, is nothing more than WHEN to eat, and WHEN not to eat.  O boy, what a difference it makes. If this immediately plucks your skeptic cord, PLEASE keep reading. You are no different than I was. You are the reason I started this blog . It is truly making even the most fitness and health oriented experts reevaluate what they understood as healthy.

The best introduction I’ve got is what IF is not:

  • IF it is NOT a diet. There is no specification of what food you should eat.
  • IF is NOT a new concept. Intermittent fasting has been in prevalence since humans have been in existence.
  • IF is NOT a cash cow. No nutrition company, supplement…

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