Can’t add muscle while losing body fat? Bahaha


photo (5)I guess someone forget to tell my body.

This post is not about my personal aesthetics or for any purpose other than debunking the myth that you have to “bulk” to put on substantial muscle.  I spend an insane amount of time testing my own biological hypothesis. “Bulk and then cut” is about as outdated as “fat makes you fat”, and eating small meals all day “keeps your metabolism stoked.”

Some will still refute these realities.  An outstanding year of training(naturally) is putting on 3-7 lbs of muscle. So, at 8% bf you started a period of time at 180 and now weigh 186 at 8% bf, you’ve obviously gained 6 lbs of muscle. However, if you started at 180 and are now 195 and pudgy, you obviously didn’t put on 15 lbs of muscle. Many get caught up in the scale going up, only to see it drop back down the to the same place that someone who stays lean year round would be at.

As I’ve stated in earlier posts, use of the applicable knowledge of our natural insulin production to start muscle repair/growth and limiting of that same hormone at other parts of the day, leads to big fat loss gains and aids in both burning fat and building muscle.

The keys to losing fat while building muscle FOR ME has been:

  1. Consistency-I will eat a pint of ice cream at least once every two weeks. The rest of the time I stick to at least 16 hours of fasting a day. In the remaining 8 hours, I eat one meal containing carbs(first meal of the day after training) and a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet.
  2. Fasting-I just touched on this subject but the increased insulin sensitivity, the clinically proven benefits of increased HGH and testosterone production make this approach paramount in my humble opinion. On top of these benefits, your hunger hormones such as leptin and ghrelin get regulated properly and you can better interpret your own caloric requirements. If you feel hungry, it’s because you robably need calories. No more out of whack signals from the body.
  3. Patience and the power of momentum-To change your body, mind, and psychology one must adopt a new norm. Once you make that first step to eat whole foods, limit sugar, and get stronger for example, the gains just keep coming. An object in motion tends to stay in motion. Let this wellness mindset works itself into your own identity.

Think, Sweat, Grow-Joe


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